Be Parisian

BE PARISIAN offers an elegant and casual collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, inspired by the different moods and codes of the Parisian lady. With its original and exclusive concept, BE PARISIAN is inspired by Paris, the city of light, as well as by the mysterious, ideal, intriguing, and fascinating Parisian lady. Rive Droite, Arty, Wild, Green, Hippie Chic, Classy, Rive Gauche, Preppy, Sport, … Choose your Mood according to your personality or to your attitude and indulge in the BE PARISIAN universe. As the true incarnation of its icon, the Parisian lady, the brand is bold and liberated. It makes us travel to a secret universe which eventually becomes yours. Choose your mood & join the clan!

“I am one fan absolved from the vintage images and I fell in love in the illustration of Kiraz and the style of Saint Laurent of the 80s." Emmanuelle


During spring 2010, Antoine Bolze and Alexis Maugey created Bobbies, the first parisian brand of colourful loafers with a twist. Their project? Mixing modern shapes and bright colors to an audacious version of this legendary shoe. Season after season, Bobbies revisits shoe classics: boots, derbies, ballerinas and sandals are given an elegant and creative makeover. Bobbies is about a poetic and colorful story following Jean-Bobby, the most frenchy pelican, in his fabulous adventures. We use color as a source of inspiration and carefully select the most beautiful Italian leather. Play on fabrics, renewed shapes, energetic colors: collections follow each other, but each one is different. 

“The first strong creative moment we had was when we first thought of putting a stylish bow on a loafer. Seeing it in the flesh for the first time was a very proud moment for us.” Antoine & Alexis

Camille et Clémentine

Our brand "Camille & Clémentine" was born from our two personalities. We met each other at the ceramic school, Duperré art school in Paris, and we got on well on many senses. Friendship first, and our common approach of the earth gathered us naturally. Then, We decided to create this brand right after school, with our names on it, as a ceramic portrait. This is how a soft, colorful and naïve version of ceramic rised.  We made daily objects in white stoneware. Every piece has a "little ear", allusion to some shape of traditional ceramic, and is entirely handmade in our studio near Paris. 

“We both still remember that first time we assembled hand made "ears" to our molded cup. With their small ears, we thought, "now they are our cups!" It was obvious and it became our personal touch. Today, We carry on adding ears to our products as a signature and as a way of doing, and we couldn't imagine a bowl or a cup without them.” Camille & Clémentine

Chic des plantes!

At Chic des Plantes ! we challenged ourselves to reinvent the very concept of herbal tea. For that, we seek out the Druids of the 21st century, those producers who grow the plants with the purest qualities. Then, we gathered around our cauldron a plant specialist, a renowned chef and a magician flavorist. The result: unrivaled herbal teas per their taste and benefits, ready to awe every taste buds.

"First memory of creation? 2014. Windy and rainy outside. Warm & cosy inside. Our expert team works hard, tastes dozens of plants, picks rosemary, mint, sage and fennel, mixes them, tastes again and again, adds some flower and seeds, and finally, after hours of focus and sweat, here it is: our Pousse Délice, after-meal digestive infusion has come to the world." The Team

Clémence Cabanes

Clémence Cabanes created her eponymous jewellery, hair accessories and small leather goods brand in 2009. Working on qualitative leather, French or Italian's, in her Parisian ateliers, her pieces inspired dreams and travel desires. It's the meeting with leather that pushed me to create my own accessories in my Parisian Atelier. Her style is a subtle mix of pure lines, Art Deco inspired, and colourful plays inviting you to travel. Inspired by, the Art Deco movement, folkloric craftsmanship but also lots of people, "muses" who ignores they are so. 

"My first memory of creation goes back to the age of 6, when I dreamed at night of a very special dress, and how then I sewed with the help of my mother EXACTLY THE DRESS of my dream ! It was totally magic and fantastic…" Clémence

Constance L

Constance Lepage creates her own jewelry collections since 2011. In 2012, she joined "Maisons de Mode", a designers collective and opened her first workshop in Lille, in the north of France. With ethnic and urban inspirations, Constance L jewelry dresses the skin with delicacy and sensuality. Each jewel is imagined and hand made in her workshop with love and quality materials such as brass with bronze or gold 24k treatment. 

“My first memories jewelry design goes back a long. When we were young, my mother took us, my sister and I, in a drugstore that sold all kinds of elements to create jewelry. It was the cave of Ali Baba. I was already creating a lot of jewelry at that time.” Constance


Behind EMWEG - Ethnic Music With Electric Guitars - hide two cousins, Mathilde and Solène. The one lives in Amsterdam and is pationate about sewing and Africa, the other lives in France in Biarritz and likes fashion. Together they design and make an afropolitan fashion by revisiting classic products with their wax and modern touch. They like discussing during hours about fabric that Mathilde brought back from her last seven years expatriation in Cameroon. This collection is probably  the one which ressembles them the most and they hope you will enjoy it all the more 🙂


Esquisse Paris

ESQUISSE PARIS is the new made in France parisian lingerie brand. Each pattern and picture is made exclusively for the brand. They are printed on minimalist shapes : lasercut panty and soft bra. This way Esquisse combines comfort and creativity. The luxurious and technical fabric is certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (no health risk). The brand falls within the Slow Fashion movement : limited edition, "made in France", and quality product for a better durability.

“My plan was to create a chic, special, comfy, fashionable, technical, functional, cool, durable and single panties: then the mono-product of the first Esquisse collection born of all these expectations.” Céline

Heidi & Adèle

Inspired by their Franco-British upbringing and love of the unique, Heidi & Adèle products are a combination of Parisian elegance and flirty London exuberance. Their design philosophy focuses on creating simple and elegant products, using eco-friendly innovative materials in a large array of colours and textures. Using high grade leathers and incredibly vibrant eco-exotic® skins, Heidi & Adèle create inimitable pieces that fuse beauty with practicality – a spot of every day luxury for the relaxed, glamorous and confident woman.

“Our very first creation, the amigo cardholder, stemmed from a desire to showcase the beauty of eco-exotic® skins, so we made them in every colour! Bold, bright and streamlined, it highlights what Heidi & Adèle is all about: originality with sustainalibity at its' core.” Heidi & Adèle

Inès-Olympe Mercadal

It's been a while since we last saw the femme fatale look, in her thick-rimmed glasses and virginal bun. Inès Olympe Mercadal, who turns 28 this summer, will see 2016 marked by the launch of her very own label. This ultra-feminine wardrobe is has been totally inspired by the world and experiences of our multi-talented artist (a singer, muse and fashion designer all at once!). Massively influenced by the 80s aesthetic, her first collection blends elegant furs and textile pieces with retro leatherwear, shoes and wacky accessories. 

“For me, there's always been something about accessorising... even something as simple as a striking carmine red lip can transform an entire image. I don't really see myself as fitting in with the fashion norm today, with the unstoppable rein of the jeans-sweatshirt-sneakers look. I prefer to think of my designs as a unique manifesto for sensuality, and the liberation of the sophisticated woman.” Inès-Olympe 

Issi Bâ

Issi Bâ is an original line of bags & clutches 100% handmade in Paris. Raw materials are bargain-hunted in small quantities, especially at luxury homes outlets, and ensure this way a production in small series. A particular attention is given to the convenience of the format, the quality of the materials and the finish of each piece. Involved at a local and social level, Issi Bâ has been working, since September 2015, in close partnership with an occupational workshop for women in Seine Saint Denis. In the city or abroad, at work or at parties... to seize herlife, the Issi Bâ women must keep her hands free! Trendy and timeless shapes, eloquent colors, subtle prints, versatile and textured materials.

"When I was at nursery school, they made children sculpt their favourite animal in clay. I chose the owl. It has totally hyptonic eyes and its wings are wide opened, with a lot of feathers. My mum still keeps it in the kitchen. Of course, it's a bit raw but I really feel tenderness for this object!" Céline


Jicqy, a French brand of men’s and women’s accessories, invites you to reinvent your personal style by taking a poetic, unconventional approach to accessories. Jicqy liberates you from your everyday uniform, opening a window onto a dreamlike world of time travel. Delicate but edgy, original and untamed, Jicqy accessories create a bold, free-spirited silhouette; puting on a Jicqy piece imbues you with an aura of chic nonchalance. In this spirit, Jicqy les Mirettes emphasizes the values of authenticity and artisanal production, and searches to reconnect with the threatened tradition of exceptional craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted entirely by hand, with love and precision, in a small workshop in Paris. 

"I remember the broken necklace of my mother, the Massaï beads spread on the table, her asking me to create a new necklace with this souvenir of Kenya worn by the years. that is how the necklace Tresse was born. " Olivia


Jolie Frenchy

Jolie Frenchy dusts off your tights and your fancy socks and turns them into real fashion accessories that enrich any outfit! The collection is composed of stylish pieces with very trendy patterns that highlight the simplicity and the feminity of "chic à la française”. Want more? …The Quality of course! Here again Jolie Frenchy is ahead the game for as all these products are 100% made in France.

“My great-grand-mother was a seamstress and on Wednesdays I used to spend the day with her in her “petite room”, which was the place where she was doing her creative work and alterations. She often had off-cut fabrics she’d gave me, that made me dream of beautiful dresses for my dolls. I think my love for the fabric and the desire to create them occurred to me at that time.” Aline

Koska création

This is an autodidact that Mickael Koska feeds and develops his passion for furniture design. Avant-garde, it combines the majesty of wood dynamism of modern materials to create contemporary pieces, hybrid and anachronistic. Mickael is inspired by everyday images, architecture, film, the street of the collective unconscious ... It feeds on its surroundings and reinterprets to give birth to the atypical furniture, without code or convention. His works are aesthetic, contemporary and offer the ability to customize and energize a space. The search for new forms and materials are the motives of this young designer.

“Mon first memory of  creation is a contemporary table, created in 2009. I discovered my passion for wood and the creative piece was born.” Mickaël


Who hasn’t dreamt of having their own signature scent?
At the heart of the elegant place Brugmann, l’Antichambre declines the art of personalized perfume in a contemporary, exclusive and confidential setting.

Eight years ago, Anne Pascale Mathy-Devalck had the desire to create customized cosmetics... but time went by. Four years later, she shares the idea with a friend who had found in her mother’s belongings a book of ancient perfume formulas.
Their initial idea was to bring those vintage perfumes back to life. But Anne Pascale recalled her original inspiration and began dreaming of a place where one could imagine and create unique fragrances.

What better than a fragrance to reveal one’s unique essence?
 So off she went to Grasse, the world’s perfume capital. And that’s where it all began ...

L'Atelier de Camille

Behind L’ATELIER is Camille, a young Paris-based designer with a desire to create simple, well-made, limited edition pieces.  In 2011, to realise her dream she sought out newly retired seamstresses from fashion houses such as Chanel and Lanvin. Five years later, L’ATELIER de Camile is an original and new kind of brand, offering an ideal wardrobe through 6 mini-collections each year and a few short wedding dresses, available at affordable prices only on their e-shop. Every item is made in Paris with love. The spirit of the brand is definitely chic and parisian, minimalist, with a special attention to detail.

“My first memory as a designer is the ruffle white plumetis top that I created with the help of my first seamstress Gisèle. It was my very first piece for my first collection. I had a long road ahead of me and I felt very grateful that I had found someone so talented and passionate to work with and to learn from. This top was our first best-selling item and of course, it was named after Gisèle." Camille

La Cerise sur le Chapeau

Cerise grew up observing her grandfather who always wore elegant three pieces suits and hats that she often borrowed. For her 18th birthday, she asked him to get her a beautiful headpiece. Shortly after, she stopped working in the art market, took millinery courses and opened La Cerise sur le chapeau. The asset of the brand is that it offers a concept: " When I was thinking about my project, I realized that most hats at the time were either black, brown or grey. So I decided to reinvent them by injecting colors". The clients get to choose between 6 designs and then personalize their piece by picking up the fabric (Fur-felt or Panama) and the color. The color doesn't just concern the hat itself, but also the ribbon and the tick!

Located in its Parisian workshop in the 6th arrondissement, 
La Cerise sur le Chapeau has been creating easy-to-wear, classical and colourful hats both for ladies and gentlemen for the past 9 years.

La géométrie

I'm a jeweler and graphic designer based in Paris. Each of my pieces are worked carefully by hand in a little atelier, that's why they are unique pieces or limited series. Wood and metal are my favorites materials but polymer, textiles or ceramic are part of my work too. The origin of each piece is different: the shape of a building, the ambiance of a film or an art movement influence their shapes and colors. With my jewels I want to be far away from the "mass production" and try to get closer to the art's world: photography, architecture, cinema, painting, design.

“Even if I've always did my own accessories, the first time I cut and soldered metal to make my first ring was the moment I realized I wanted to do that forever! It was just magical being able to transform a rough fragment of brass into a gorgeous piece of art.” Paula

La Mouche Poulette

La Mouche Poulette is a young French ready-to-wear brand created 3 years ago by 2 young fashion designers, Laura and Fabien. This quirky name of brand is represented by their simple but original handmade (with love) creations made with original fabrics and prints that makes the universe of these 2 people. Their vision and their interactivity to the fashion industry allows them to have a real identity and to be credible in the young designer Fashion industry.

“The first thing we create was a summer "must have", but different than the consumer product, different by the fabric, different by the cut, different by the print...That was a "short" !! ” Laura and Fabien

Le Bow Paris

Le Bow Paris is the Bow specialist brand that wears French impertinence as an emblem and brings a touch of bow madness to fashion. The brand adds a touch of elegance and exquisite femininity to backless outfits thanks to its innovative Bow accessory. Le Bow Paris has also a ready-to-wear line that loves playing with French chic and a Bow twist. Handmade in France, we realize each bow with carefully selected fabrics and our Parisian workshop creates all the sur-mesure wishes of our customers. Make your outfit less Bowring!

The strongest creation moment with Le Bow Paris is when I first started working with people in the workshop. We worked so hard together to have the perfect Bow shape that I have imagined. I just loved how it came from a simple drawing on a piece of paper to a real textured accessory that now defines the whole brand.” Caroline

Léa Cocaign

Des objets poétiques aux lignes épurées, ainsi se caractérisent les créations en bois de Léa Cocaign. Sa première collection s'intitule "karrez" (carré en breton), en hommage à sa Bretagne natale, et se compose de produits inspirés des camaïeux, des paysages et des végétaux. Passionnée de décoration et de design, elle s'intéresse aussi aux métiers du bois. 

"Un jour j'ai le déclic pendant un trajet en train : je veux apprendre un métier artisanal, loin de mon métier dans le digital ou je suis trop loin de la matière. Passionnée depuis toujours par la décoration et le design, ce domaine m'est apparu naturellement. J'aime créer des objets en bois que je ne trouve pas dans le commerce." Léa

Le Poupoupidou

Le Poupoupidou was created by a couple from Nantes activists for an urban bike with a desire to make an accessory Made in France product in short circuit. The manufacturing and the packaging of Poupoupidou are carried out in a protected associative workshop which promotes people with disabilities and their families.

"This idea came to me in Nantes from as we're going on bike rides, when we were leaving early in the morning with my wife, Celine. As seen Celine holds her skirt by crossing the passer by's. I first looked for an accessory to buy her. As there were none, I invented a first prototype with a hair clip and an aquarium magnet. The Poupoupidou was born..." Marc


Les Petites Chaudières

First of all, LPC is a colorful brand with cheerfulness, good and full of light. The Star Product is "The Dress": perfectly flirty & flattery. Short, detailed, backless, feminine your LPC dress can be worn with flats or heels, as a romantic day dreamer during the day or a party butterfly at night. Since 2016, the brand extend her range and offer now trousers, top, skirt, playsuit and a lot of goodies in the LPC style. Get enchanted by "Les Petites Chaudieres"'s magical world.

“My first important memory as a designer is when I arrived in India to meet my supplier and source fabrics and found myself in this little rickshaw in the middle of Dehli, then I realized the was no way back, I was doing for real.” Tifany 

Les petites jupes de Prune

Les petites jupes de prune is a parisian based brand. Everything is handmade in the heart of Paris, Prune designs a new collection every three months, inspired by the fabrics she finds she develops skirts in limited editions. You'll find you perfect little skirt, wether it's pleated, long, retro, high waisted or just unique! And all that at a starting price of 49€ 🙂

"My first memory of creation was actually the "kick" to start my own brand, I had designed a bicolor pleated skirt (14 meters of fabric!) for my graduation collection, and it was the first time I felt I could do something my friend and I would really want to wear, for the first time I had friends saying 'omg, how much would you sell it to me"!" Prune


Les Roussoeurs

Passionate since childhood, the designers are graduates of the prestigious of Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, they make their first weapons from the biggest names in fashion: Lefranc-Ferrant, Dice Kayek Velvetine in Paris and Alexander Mc Queen in London. In 2012, Les Roussoeurs are found again in the same city and decide to launch a line of clothing and accessories that reflect their universe and which brings together all their emotions. Nicknamed since their early childhood Les Roussoeurs, the name is then required as evidence. Enter a chic retro world a playful touch where parts refined, easy to wear on all occasions, mixed cuts and touches of eccentricity.

“Our first fitting with a friend where we realized that fifties were our inspiration to glorify the women.” Ludivine & Vanessa



Luie imagines feminine essentials differently by proposing intuitive collections. The brand's trademarks are bodysuits completed with jumpsuits, t-shirts and jackets. Luie makes elegant these daily simple pieces that can be easily combined so it can be worn on any occasion. Bringing the details so that women that wear Luie feel sexy in comfortable clothes.

“ One of my first and favorite memories is when I tried on the very first prototype. It was far from perfect but seeing and wearing what you have been imagining for a long time on you is a feeling of excitement that cannot be forgotten.”  Dina

Madame Aime

Madame Aime is a lingerie brand which is 100% designed and crafted in France. Perfect fit and wellbeing are the key drivers behind the development of Madame Aime collections. While retaining the idea of slow fashion, the brand reinterprets with a Parisian twist woman’s basics: they become timeless elegant pieces, always confortable and chic.

More than just a brand, Madame Aime is also a genuine human adventure, which relies on the 100% French fabrication and a unique savoir-faire passed down throughout the generations. Passionate professionals willing to offer delicate curves, cuts and finish, compose Madame Aime’s team. Therefore, each product of Madame Aime is designed, fitted and tested by its Parisian studio. They are then crafted by expert corsetry seamstresses in its own factory in Bourg-en-Bresse. Madame Aime is a subtle marriage of modernity and tradition for a yet refined and feminine look.

Maison Brunet

Maison Brunet reflects a philosophy of life which is inside all the projects of the brand. It is first about love, respect of the materials and the handmade around the product. The brand began with a short collection of Mongolian cashmere for women and baby realized in China for its unique expertise. Then, the designer choose to be of its time with a new ready to wear collection for women, Made in Paris in short circuit with limited products and exclusive collections. The big idea is to offer clothes which are part of a sensible univers evolving harmoniously through seasons and desires.

« My first memory as a designer is a full white trousers. I was 13, I found an old white sheet and used it to do my first creation. All that I have seen about dressmaking and sewing at this time came from my grandmother. We realized it both. She is truly an inspiration ». Delphine

Maison Guillemette

Maison Guillemette is a flourishing accessories label. It all began at Chanel back in 2010. Passionate about dance, Guillemette drew upon this passion for inspiration for her collections. The young designer creates designs that are at once delicate and sensual, that can be worn at big, once-in-a-lifetime events as well as to bring a little joy to everyday life. Enthused by high standards, lovers of detail and positively addicted to that elusive « je ne sais quoi » which makes the French so… French, Pauline and Guillemette are a dynamic pair not to be missed!

“A few months after Maison Guillemette was launched, we were asked to design a turban inspired by Maharajas for the world renowned jewelry brand Boucheron, we were very excited and very proud of this project!” Guillemette and Pauline


Maison Lemoine

Maison Lemoine is a parisian based brand, which focuses on evening wear. Looking for the perfect wedding outfit, or just for an outfit to hang out in style, you can find in the ready-to-wear Maison Lemoine line, a dress, a top and skirt or even a jumpsuit that will suits your body type and the occasion you’re getting dressed for. Maison Lemoine’s dresses are inspired by the parisian women.  All the garments are made in Paris, with luxury fabrics, bought in Paris (they are coming from the most beautiful parisian Maisons de Couture). 

“I always had been a vey handy child. I thus have plenty of memories of doing crafts, but not a precise one. My first real creating memory was quite late, when I was 10. I did a small hut that I draw, and then built. I have always been fascinated with Architecture, that’s maybe why I almost chose to study it right after High School. Being a Fashion Designer today is quite logical indeed, as Fashion and Architecture are very close. Building a garment is similar to the construction of a building!” Claire

Maly MCG

Leather, fabric, metal, yarn of wool, cotton, pearls, colors, prints... The young designer makes us travel and discover new cultures through feminine, handmade products with a touch of modern flair. Pau, located in the South-West of France, is where her creative workshop can be found. This is where the magic happens. All of her delicate and intricate handmade accessories - the beading, the braiding, the crochets and other materials design are all created by hand and done here. Hand crafting each of the intricate pieces is a necessary undertaking for the designer, in order to truly give a sense of the place for where the design and inspiration came from. She is completely involved in the creation of her jewelry, giving a soul and life to all of her designs

“Her grandmother used to tell her that creativity is flows though the fingers and Maly has made that adage her own." Maly 

Pas Chassé

Pas Chassé grew out of the desire to turn socks into a fashion accessory. Our vision: bring a final touch to the silhouette, highlight the look and give style to the woman wearing our socks. Every model is imagined and manufactured in France. Each pair of socks is designed to create a perfect match between the shoes and the socks. Sophistication is one of our main keywords. From the knitting of ne and silky materials or the influence of fashion when designing patterns to color ranges that flirt between the softness of nudes and the strength of glitters, the pieces among our collections show delicate folds over the ankle, which become a harmonious outfit. Pas Chassé is a delicate and audacious feet-accessory that, once worn, becomes an essential fashion piece.

"My first creative experiences are all fashion or beauty related. It goes back to the day I dared to cut my hair short or to wear deep red lipstick. I cannot forget the day I first decided to wear silver glitter socks in my heels or to mix flowers and striped... But when it comes to my work as a designer, I would definitely mention the day I created a sock with a golden line." Morgane

Pierre & Nathan

Pierre and Nathan met each other for the first when Nathan moved in with Pierre and his 3 Parisian flatmates in their apartment in the city of Paris. They very soon discovered that they had exactly the same view on life : work hard and be serious but never forget to enjoy the good moments of life. Pierre & Nathan teamed up with craftsmen near the Lake Como in Italy who produce their 100% silk ties by hand. Some of the designs are rooted in the classic English and French heritage of tie design. 

"The ties in our first collection are named after places where we enjoyed the good life with our friends and people close to them. Although we probably could have chosen 10 other names as well, we opted for the Gotland, Nolita, Pigalle, Longchamp, Lido, Como, Munchen, Calvi and the Hamptons model." Pierre & Nathan



Pop'line is a french Handmade Brand of underwear, loungewear and swim. Smart, elegant and comfortable clothes with a sometimes-retro spirit cocooning, in natural fabrics like cotton, silk, laces of Calais and Rachel harmonize with vintages broderies anglaise. All Products are imagined, drawn, create and sewn, in limited edition in my workshop in Montpellier, South of France. 
Pop’line , "The elegance in any circumstances".

“I sew since girl with my gran mother. I always wanted to become a stylist, I've done studies in stylist during 9 years. After that, I've opportunity to sell my products in a shop and I created first pieces Pop'line in 2011 and website in 2013. When I started, I was influenced by Pin up and the Hollywood glamorous cinema.
I made a lot of camisole, in dots fabrics, bloomers, petticoat (underskirts) with lace and broderie anglaise and especially hight waist panties.
I made that before it returns fashionably these last two seasons 😉 !” Claire

Retour de chine

Ever since she was young, Valérie loves spending her time in flea markets in France and elsewhere to discover unique vintage furniture and beautiful item of decoration. The brand Retour de Chine falls within the slow production movement, Valérie renovates with respecting the initial soul of the furnitures and gives them a new life. With a large panel of inspiration, her beautiful creations are made in her little workshop close to Paris.

Romain Pascal

Romain Pascal is a French multidisciplinary designer based in London. He founded his design studio in Paris in 2010, before moving to London the following year. He frequently collaborates with craftsmen, artists and makers for the production of one offs or small editions which have been exhibited at the New York design week (NY X design), the London Design Festival, the Paris Design Week, the Maison & Objet furniture fair ...

“I guess there are many memories of things that slowly lead me to become a designer. What they have in common is the discovery of materials and their manufacturing process. If I had to choose one, I would think of a box made of olive wood that I built with the help of my grandfather.  My grandfather was always repairing things when I was a kid and he had a lot of cool tools to play with, that definitely played a role in the discovery of making things and understanding how they function and are being made.” Romain


RoseMarySuzy create high end leather bags from exclusive color and material combos. The graphic and bohemian chic identity is unique and seduce the fashionistas. Will you be the next one? With « Art Déco » inspiration, the line is contemporary and the identity clearly graphic and colorful. Original color and material combos are the DNA of the brand. RoseMarySuzy selects french and italian leathers, renowned for their quality, their softness and their lovely patina. Bags are designed in Paris and are made in France, following the traditional craftsmanship of leather goods making.

“When I was teenager, I used to select and collect in the magazines, all the pictures that I found interesting in term of print or texture. Then with this bank of print, I used to combine them together, mix and match to create clothes for fashion silhouette.” Marine

Sonia Cavallini

After obtaining a master in art history, Sonia Cavallini has decided to open her own stationery shop. She uses watecolor to create cards, notebooks, wedding invitations, ect. Inspired by Russian motives or vegetable paintings from the Middle Ages, her world is flowery and poetic.

"As far as I remember, I always draw a lot even when I was a child. But the drawing of my fox is very important to me because it was the first one I made when I had decided to start my business. It represents the beginning of something." Sonia

Stella Pardo

Stella Pardo is a French label specialized in luxurious knitwear all hand-knitted. All the pieces are designed in Paris, and later completely created by a group of local artisans whose work guarantees a precious production with the most ancient tradition of the Peruvian knitwear art. The pieces are made with the most luxurious fabrics, as royal baby-alpaca, suri-alpaca, pima cotton…

Cynthia, the designer of Stella Pardo, has an amazing instinct that helps her to move in the world of fashion. By mixing different fabrics, trying new colors and shapes, she creates a true art. Stella Pardo, it’s a concept where sophistication and modernity meet tradition and mix together gracefully. It is a perfect synergy between tradition and luxury. 

True Romance

True Romance is a young french brand of chic, trendy feminine, and a bit rock’n’roll ready-to-wear, clothing which focuses on quality fabrics, cut and finishes. The brand, created in 2013 by Lucie Boyer, models combine comfort and class and are designed for working women, perpetually in search of authenticity and character. Feminine touch is a must while breaking the codes to feel unique. All the models are designed and crafted with great care in the Basque country, south-west France. Trough handmade, beautiful materials, which benefit from a close attention to detail and an impeccable finish, she is at positioning myself against the trend of the mass consumption phenomenon through small numbered series.

“My first memory of creation? It's difficult to explain because there are so many! I remember, when I was a child, I always made me dresses and skirts with the first scarf or fabric pieces come.” Lucie

Ultra Tee

Founded in 2012 by designer Angie Sam, Ultra Tee specialises in 100% sustainable t-shirts and sweatshirts. Named for the Latin word ‘ultra’ meaning ‘beyond’, Ultra Tee proposes an alternative view of fashion, one that combines a passion for art with a dedication to ethical practice. Developed from sustainable fabrics including recycled cotton and the eco-friendly vegetable fibre Tencel, classic clean-lined shapes for men and women are light and easy-to-wear. Inspired by historic books and Parisian gardens, delicate antique-style illustrated prints in soft pastels depict birds, fruit and flowers.

“I was 6 and I was spending my summer holidays at my grand parents' house in the countryside. My grand mother showed me her sewing machine and gave me her old shirt to cut so I can create a wedding dress for my Barby doll! I was so excited!!!! Finally, the dress I made wasn't really a dress, but it gave me a huge motivation and desire to create in the future!” Angie

Vanessa Klat

The brand is inspired by Parisian elegant and "avant-garde" fashion. It has a classic but yet trendy DNA. The collection is based on two designs: The « V » Bag (rectangular-shaped) and the Mini « V » (square-shaped). Mostly leather based, the bonus of the brand is that it offers the customers the option to pimp their own bag by customising each of its elements (The handle, the buckle, the studs and/or the material). If you ever wondered what the “effortless chic Parisian style” looks like, check out Vanessa Klat fashion line.

“When I designed the Mini “V” bag, I wanted to create a versatile bag which could be worn during the day and the evening. I decided to go for smaller dimensions than the first « V » bag. Who wants to be bothered with a big bag when going out?! I was very happy with the prototype. I could fit in all my essentials in a bag that was small enough to allow perfect dance moves! As for the leather I usually go for vintage. I then decided to add a Tiger Eye on the flap to add a funky touch to it. Intuition is the driver behind all of the designs. « Crush making » is a trademark here.” Vanessa